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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor(CE): mapfile group syntax

Hi Thomas,

The unified mapfile can only be used for mapping incoming credentials to a condor principle, i.e. the local Unix user for an HTCondor-CE. If you'd like to further assign an accounting group, you should do this in a job route. For example:

 Name = "ATLAS_jobs";
 TargetUniverse = 5;
 Requirement = (Owner == "atlasusr002");
 set_AcctGroup = "atlasgrp";
 eval_set_AccountingGroup = strcat(AcctGroup, ".", Owner);

- Brian

On 6/24/20 8:46 AM, Thomas Hartmann wrote:
Hi all,

(hopefully) short question: how does the syntax looks like for the
Condor mapfile to map an incoming ID onto a group in addition to the
user? The documentation just mentions the group [1]

I guess, it is just the group name following the username, or? e.g.,

  GSI ".*,\/atlas\/Role=NULL\/Capability=NULL" atlasusr002 atlasgrp

to map all incoming proxy/certificates with
/atlas/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL to atlasusr002:atlasgrp



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