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[HTCondor-users] startd statistics


I hope you are all well and work from home, help flattening the curve of new infections - I bet someone is using HTC somewhere to fight corona by the way :) 

Anyway - something completley different, I think for a while about establishing a kind of error counter for workernodes that come with the host-classadd as a ratio of successful/unsuccessful jobstarts/jobfinishes. 

I would like to use the startd-cron feature and the local startd statisitics to calculate that number. Therefore I did set 


But that is currently not leading to any helpful numbers using 'condor_status -l -startd' maybe I am on the wrong track here and someone did something similar using different tools ? 

I think I could come up with something by going through the job history on the sched but that sounds a bit over-engineered as I suppose the startd should have some numbers that I could use ? 


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