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Re: [HTCondor-users] Hooks in HTCondor-CE?

Hi Brian,

our case would be how to keep custom made functionalities if we
migrate our site from ARC-CE to HTCondor-CE.
We have a bunch of scripts that run at job completion. Like copying
job files to storage, and stuff like that.
So I am looking for the easiest way to maintain those functionalities,
to be performed at job completion.

I thought about the hooks, since I did some work with them in the past.
Just wondering if the hooks is the best/easiest way, or there are better ways.


El miÃ., 18 mar. 2020 a las 14:36, Brian Lin (<blin@xxxxxxxxxxx>) escribiÃ:
> Hi Jose,
> I'm curious what your use case is here -- is this related to ATLAS'
> interest in pre-staging container images specified by incoming grid
> jobs? What actions are you looking to perform at which specific points
> in the job's lifetime? Is this for a CE in front of HTCondor or another
> batch system?
> As Michael pointed out, HTCondor has a multitude of hooks but some of
> them are specific to startds and so those wouldn't be applicable to
> HTCondor-CE.
> Thanks,
> Brian
> On 3/17/20 4:15 AM, Jose Caballero wrote:
> >> And, would these hooks have access to the jobâs output files?
> >>
> > Let me clarify the question. Is the path to job files (stdout, stderr,
> > output files) one the classads at the CE?
> >
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