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Re: [HTCondor-users] easiest way for an user to override schedd configuration?

El lun., 23 mar. 2020 a las 16:05, Todd L Miller
(<tlmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>) escribiÃ:
> > what would be the recommended way for a user to override a given
> > variable in the schedd configuration at submit time?
> > Is still LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR a valid way to point to user specific setup?
>         The schedd's configuration is not (AFAIK) user-specific, even if
> it were changed at every submit, so no, not really.  Individual users can
> set configuration in ~/.condor/user_config*, and condor_submit will
> respect those seetings, but I don't think that will help.  What are you
> trying to accomplish?
> - ToddM
> *: the default value of USER_CONFIG_FILE


I will try to answer again. Yesterday, my message was blocked.

First, using ~/.condor/user_config worked.
We have a piece of configuration in one schedd that is preventing
users from submitting jobs, so I wanted to play with that variable,
but as an unprivileged account, not as root.
And here is the problem [1], in case someone has any tip, before I
open a ticket as suggested.
Indeed, I managed to submit a job by changing that variable a little
bit in my local file [2]. However, it is not resolved in the classad
[3]. Is that expected? Or that means it is still not being set


$ rpm -qa | grep condor

$ condor_submit test.jdl
ERROR: Parse error in expression:
MachineScalingFactor = $$([ifThenElse(isUndefined(ScalingFactor),
1.00, ScalingFactor)])
Error in config file SUBMIT_ATTRS or SUBMIT_EXPRS value. Aborting submit.

$ condor_config_val -dump | grep ScalingFactor
MachineScalingFactor = $$([ifThenElse(isUndefined(ScalingFactor),1.00,
SUBMIT_EXPRS =  MachineScalingFactor,JobLeaseDuration

$ cat ~/.condor/user_config
MachineScalingFactor = ifThenElse(isUndefined(ScalingFactor), 1.00,

$ condor_q -l 1.0 | grep ScalingFactor
MachineScalingFactor = ifThenElse(isUndefined(ScalingFactor),1.0,ScalingFactor)