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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor and COVID-19

On 3/27/2020 10:33 AM, Michael Pelletier via HTCondor-users wrote:
Hi Craig,

I have been tinkering with figuring out how to properly traverse the company firewall in accordance with policy in order to use HTCondor's BOINC capabilities to run backfill Folding jobs on our unclassified clusters, but haven't had the spare cycles to nail something down just yet.

Everyone should be sure keep this list apprised of any tips and tricks along these lines.


We think HTCondor's built-in BOINC backfill support works for execute nodes using static slots, but there are issues/complications for nodes configured to use partitionable slots. We expect to sort this out and soon post a HOWTO config recipe that folks can cut-n-paste even if they are using partitionable slots.

The config recipe will go into the manual and onto the htcondor-wiki; we will post the URL to this list and the HTCondor homepage. We hope to have this available in a few days.