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[HTCondor-users] Write file to local disk of a node of condor system


I submit a job viaÂcondorÂto a node on our server. This job will create a temporary file in one of the local disks (path is /s0/$USER) of the node. However, I found that the other directoryÂ(/var/pkgs/condor/execute/dir_2690428) also has the same temporary file.

The part of my script is asÂfollows.

tmp_train_path=`mktemp -t .train_XXXX --tmpdir=/s0/$USER`
trap 'rm -rf $tmp_train_path' EXIT
gunzip - < $train_path > $tmp_train_path

Basically, $train_path is a gzip file and I want to dump it to a temporary file $tmp_train_path. The temporary path has a prefix path /s0/$USER.

I have no idea why the temporary file will be written into the directoryÂ/var/pkgs/condor/execute/dir_2690428. I think the temporary file is written into 2 directories.