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Re: [HTCondor-users] Write file to local disk of a node of condor system


Am 07.05.20 um 17:50 schrieb Bo-Ru Roy Lu:
> Hi,
> I submit a job viaÂcondorÂto a node on our server. This job will create a temporary file in one of the local disks (path is /s0/$USER) of the node. However, I found that the other directoryÂ(/var/pkgs/condor/execute/dir_2690428) also has the same temporary file.

I guess the startd node has MOUNT_UNDER_SCRATCH defined to bind mount the subdirectory of the pool directory to the /s0 location. Can you check that? 

That's not a bad idea in general, since it means the absolute path to your files in the jobs can be the same on all nodes and does not contain the pool directory which includes the PID of the starter. 
One major advantage of the absolute path matching on all nodes is that absolute paths in debug symbols will work fine (we also do that on our cluster with Singularity containers and MOUNT_UNDER_SCRATCH). 

So the file should only be written once but visible in at least those two locations via the bind mount. 
Does this answer the implied question? 


> The part of my script is asÂfollows.
> tmp_train_path=`mktemp -t .train_XXXX --tmpdir=/s0/$USER`
> trap 'rm -rf $tmp_train_path' EXIT
> gunzip - < $train_path > $tmp_train_path
> Basically, $train_path is a gzip file and I want to dump it to a temporary file $tmp_train_path. The temporary path has a prefix path /s0/$USER.
> I have no idea why the temporary file will be written into the directoryÂ/var/pkgs/condor/execute/dir_2690428. I think the temporary file is written into 2 directories.
> Best,
> Roy
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