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[HTCondor-users] /dev/shm bug fix mentioned in release notes of 8.9.7


We are running two versions of condor:

$CondorVersion: 8.8.5 Sep 04 2019 BuildID: 480168 PackageID: 8.8.5-1
$CondorVersion: 8.5.8 Dec 13 2016 BuildID: 390781

Both are impacted by issue where files remain in /dev/shm after job completion. While checking release notes found that this issue is fixed in 8.9.7 .. Today only after seeing HTCondor week 2020 kubernetes presentation I downloaded htcondor/mini docker image which came with 8.9.6 version. To verify the working of fix upgraded the version of condor and did restart of container.Â

$CondorVersion: 8.9.7 May 19 2020 BuildID: 504263 PackageID: 8.9.7-1Â

Still /dev/shm contains the file which I copied from submituser job after job completion. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, any possible solution or recommendation for tackling stale files in /dev/shm after job completion in older condor versionÂin condor way?Â


Thanks & Regards,
Vikrant Aggarwal