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Re: [HTCondor-users] renewing a user proxy with remote schedd

If you have a way to renew the proxy on the original submitting schedd at your end then htcondor will automatically take care of sending the renewed one out to the job through the htcondor-ce.  We use myproxy for renewal on the local end right now but there are other ways.  Alternatively you can ask the VO in question to allow longer voms attribute lifetimes.


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] renewing a user proxy with remote schedd
Hi All,

I'm trying to work out how I could renew a user proxy for a job on a remote schedd. There is no myproxy server. I can only find documentation for using a local schedd.
(The background to this is that we switched from a CREAM-CE to an HTCondorCE and now we are faced with plenty of users job that end up in a held state due to an expired proxy.)
Does anyone know how this works ?


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