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[HTCondor-users] IP address subnet notation

Hi All

I would like to add some subnets to DENY_READ and DENY_WRITE

Not so bad if you just want to block something like 174.23.57.*

However I have a list of subnets like xxx.yyy.176.0/20 which equates to xxx.yyy.(176-191).*, i.e.

xxx.yyy.176.*, xxx.yyy.177.*, xxx.yyy.178.*, ......, etc. up to xxx.yyy.191.*

i.e. 16 subnets, and I have multiple of these, although not all /20. Some are /21 (8 subnets) and some /22 (4 subnets)

I think I know the answer, but I'm hoping there might be a shorthand way rather than having to list every single subnet,
otherwise there will be 58 single subnets to list. â




P.S. The subnets in question are ranges within our internal network, BUT specifically allocated to our VPN services.
We do not want machines (laptops) as part of the pool when VPN'ed in.
Note that this is a "just in case strategy" as the NETWORK_INTERFACE settings will only allow IPs within our internal
network to start up HTCondor anyway, which will be the case for machines at home as they will have an IP of their home
network when booted up and HTCondor tries to start. We want the DENY statements in case HTCondor gets restarted
AFTER a machine has VPN'ed in.