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Re: [HTCondor-users] MaxWalltime on HTCondor-Ce+HTCondor

Hi Max,

Good catch! This is a known issue (https://opensciencegrid.atlassian.net/browse/HTCONDOR-80). We're discussing an appropriate way to fix this but if you're using at least HTCondor-CE 4.4.0, you could apply this patch to /usr/share/condor-ce/config.d/01-ce-router-defaults.conf, that should hold you over until we push a real fix. If that doesn't work, feel free to join in on the discussion directly in the PR! https://github.com/htcondor/htcondor-ce/pull/396

- Brian

On 11/18/20 7:58 AM, Fischer, Max (SCC) wrote:
Hi all,

the HTCondor-CE defines ``default_maxWallTime`` and many VOs appear to submit jobs with ``maxWallTime`` set. However, we were quite surprised to find out that this appears to be ignored when using HTCondor-Ce+HTCondor.
Looking at the router scripts, both seem to be used only for ``eval_set_remote_cerequirements`` which is not actually used by HTCondor.

Is this supposed to be used by an HTCondor backend, i.e. could it be that we have accidentally overwritten something? Should we manually add a rule using this, e.g. Periodic_Hold?


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