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[HTCondor-users] Machine order

Hi all,

I try to define machine (slot) order for jobs.
I use a new pool with Windows and Linux machines. One Linux machine is used as Central manager and Submit machine with HTCondor version 8.8.10.
When I submit jobs, all slots on a computer are occupied first before jobs are assigned to the next computer.

My jobs are not strictly limited to one core, so I want the jobs to be distributed across different computers first.

For this I tried to use a  Rank _expression_ by submitting job via python-bindings.
Rank: JavaMFlops*(1-0.75*SlotID/TotalSlots)
But that didn't change anything. I have a new cluster in which no other jobs are running, so all slots are free.
I already used this with our old cluster with soap webservice and thought it worked. Unfortunately I can't check it there because this cluster it is busy.

condor_findhost -n 10
provides me with slots on different computers. Not just slots on a machine.

condor_findhost -n 10 -r JavaMFlops*(1-0.75*SlotID/TotalSlots)
gives me the desired order of the slots

What could i do wrong? How are the slots selected? Is there any way to see how slot selection works?
Or is there a better way for my project?

Thanks a lot in advance.