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Re: [HTCondor-users] CondorCE: job transform for normalizing jobs' core/mem ratio?

Hi Thomas, all,

I can wholeheartedly recommend *not* to scale the jobs in the CE. This will only lead to wasting cores or memory, as others have pointed out.
Do so as a last resort, if CPUs are the âcurrencyâ users are billed by *and* you do not have enough memory.

As long as jobs are averaging around or below the available memory/core, PartionableSlots will naturally attract a mix of jobs to balance mem/core requirements. Simply put, there are only so many high-mem jobs to start before only low-mem jobs fit.
Be aware you need *some* extra memory for this, or you end up with fragmentation similar to the Multi-Core/Single-Core problems.
Groups abusing the mem/core lenience still get penalised by having to wait longer if resources are scarce. So there is still incentive to send well-behaved jobs to you.

If you want to help things along, use a RANK that selects the Startds with the best memory/core ratio after a match. Our setup for this is explained briefly in [0].
In my experience, any policy that is based on the machine feature works best. E.g. if you have some machines with 2GB/core and some with 3GB/core (sooner or later you will) there is no point enforcing a global ratio.

In case you are worried about getting jagged leftovers or fragmentation, but have on average enough memory, consider to quantize requests into comfortable chunks [1]. For example, we quantize memory to 512MB (versus default 128MB) with a minimum of 2GB to avoid very small memory requests from skewing the usage ratio and to enforce that a âstandardâ WLCG job always fits when a slot is freed.


[0] See Section 3.3 RemainderScheduling


On 31. Jul 2020, at 12:02, Thomas Hartmann <thomas.hartmann@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

on your CondorCEs, do you normalize incoming jobs for their core/memory

Thing is, that we normally assume a ratio of ~ 1core/2GB memory.
Now let's say a user/VO submits jobs with a skewed ration like
1core/8GB. Which would probably lead to draining for memory and leave a
few cores idle.
So, I had been thinking, if it might make sense to rescale a job's core
or memory requirements in a transform to get the job close to the
implicitly assumed core/mem ratio.

Does that make sense? ð


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