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[HTCondor-users] Preemption doubts

Hi all,

We are running HTCondor 8.8.11 and we are using "Priority preemption" effectively on our farm.ÂÂ

However, if I'm not wrong, preemption can also work using the Startd Rank without consideringÂthe priority of the jobs, am I right? As long as you have NEGOTIATOR_CONSIDER_PREEMPTION to True (we also have ALLOW_PSLOT_PREEMPTION = True). I understand that the PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS that we use for our "Priority preemption" has no effect with "Startd Rank preemption".

Thus, for example, one machine with 2 cpus and this config:

RANK = regexp("test",AccountingGroup)

It is running 2 jobs that are asking for 1 cpu from an AccountingGroup that does not contain "test". When I submit another one that asks for 1 Cpus for the AccountingGroup that contains "test", the Rank should be better and, then, preempt one job in just 1 minute, if this works as I've understood.Â

But this is not working, the job with AccountingGroup test remains Idle while the other two, that have to be preempted (with Rank false and CurrentRank 0) are still running. I've also checked that when the job with AccountingGroup is running, the Rank is true and CurrentRank 1.0, so, the rank definition seems to be fine.

I'm sure that I'm not doing something correctly and I am not sure if the preemption works as I expected. Someone can help me?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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