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[HTCondor-users] Minor problems with two configuration templates


I am trying to configure a test cluster using templates as much as possible, to keep the configuration files clean and readable.
I have encountered two minor problems:

1. Authentication
     $(authuser)@$(FULL_HOSTNAME) $(authuser)@$(IP_ADDRESS)
but when I issue a 'condor_vacate' command, I am authenticated as

Can be solved by redefining explicitly the ALLOW_OWNER macro after 'use SECURITY:USER_BASED', with the proper value.
I wonder if the original definition is wrong, or can be useful in a different context.

2. Remote config feature
use FEATURE:Remote_Config(MyAttr) defines PERSISTENT_CONFIG_DIR=$(SPOOL) but it doesnât add a corresponding value to SPOOL_VALID_FILES.
If the file '$(SPOOL)/.config.STARTD.myattr' is removed by condor_preen, a subsequent 'condor_reconfig' command fails to read the configuration (Configuration Error Line 0 can't open file while reading  persistent config source: <the file path>) and the startd is restarted instead of reconfigured, aborting all the running jobs.

Can be solved by adding 'SPOOL_VALID_FILES = $(SPOOL_VALID_FILES) .config.STARTD.myattr', or using a different, not preened PERSISTENT_CONFIG_DIR.
I tried to imagine how to include that in the template, but I am having a hard time using both $STRING and toLower() in the same macro.
A plain $STRING(toLower($(0)),.config.STARTD.%s) doesnât work, I guess because I cannot have a ')' in the first argument of $STRING.
Is there a workaround for this?

David Rebatto
I.N.F.N. - Sezione di Milano
Via Celoria, 16 - 20133 Milano ITALY
tel: +39 02503.17623 e-mail: David.Rebatto@xxxxxxxxxx
URL: http://www.mi.infn.it/~rebatto

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