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[HTCondor-users] How to preserve environment variables

Hi all,

We are in the process of moving from creamce to htcondorce and we have some trouble to pass some basic tests to commissionÂour new htcondorce.

We set our env variables ( example: $VO_CMS_SW_DIR=/cvmfs/cms.cern.ch) using puppet but at the job running time they are all unset.

We know that condor_submit can use getenv for this but we would like to have the behaviour of getenv=true to be enabled for the entire cluster by default since we do not have a control on jobs that arrived via the grid to our site.

Could someone help in this direction?


Shkelzen RUGOVACÂ Â Â Â srugovac@xxxxxxxxx

Università Libre de Bruxelles
Bd du Triomphe, CP230
1050 Bruxelles - Belgium

Office at VUB:
Building G - Level 0 - Room 147

Tel: (+32) 2 629 33 26