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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor 9.0.8 LTS Released

Fix bug where the schedd could choose a slot with insufficient disk space

I think we are hit by this bug,Â
I checked the job routing on gatekeepers, it has
and the RequestDisk from the jobs does vary even tho the PDQ set the maxwdir to be 14GB/core,Â
So condor shouldn't have scheduled the jobs requesting high disk to nodes like lc-12-33.

On Thu, Dec 2, 2021 at 6:04 PM Tim Theisen <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The HTCondor Team is pleased to announce the HTCondor 9.0.8 LTS release.
A Long Term Support (LTS) release contains significant bug fixes.

Highlights of this release are:
- Fix bug where huge values of ImageSize and others would end up negative
- Fix bug in how MAX_JOBS_PER_OWNER applied to late materialization jobs
- Fix bug where the schedd could choose a slot with insufficient disk space
- Fix crash in ClassAd substr() function when the offset is out of range
- Fix bug in Kerberos code that can crash on macOS and could leak memory
- Fix bug where a job is ignored for 20 minutes if the startd claim fails

More details about the fixes can be found in the Version History:

Downloads Page:

Thank you for your interest in HTCondor!

- The HTCondor Team
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