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Re: [HTCondor-users] Simple priority howto.

Hi Again,
The GROUP_QUOTA option is working very well for one level of groups each group gets the correct share.

I'm trying to figure how to do that using user prio.
Using pslots and PRIORITY_HALFLIFE = 3600
No Preemption.
Both user in a single GroupQuota group.

I'm running same jobs of 30 seconds sleep using single core from 2 users each using deferent submitter.
   User one Priority Factor 1000
   User two Priority Factor 5000
After 30 minutes completed jobs looks like that
   User one: 399
   User two: 255

What am I missing here? Changing the factor of user two to 50000 will get a lot less activity


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On 2/2/21 2:31 PM, duduhandelman@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Agian.
Will those two options will work together?