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Re: [HTCondor-users] Running Pyhton 3 jobs on different os

Hi Werner,

no idea, if it works under Windows but I prefer for script shebangs under *ix

#!/usr/bin/env python3
(#! env python  ## should work "in principle")

maybe one could build something *ix and powershell compatible ~ `env python` ?


On 15/02/2021 09.55, Werner Koppelstätter wrote:
Hi all,

We use HTCondor with python binding and has Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) workstation in our cluster. Now we want run Python 3 jobs. The problem is that the command for Python 3 on windows systems is "python" and for Linux system "python3".

Is there a possibility to define commands depending of the OS? For example through an expression which is evaluated or a script before the job starts?

Thank you.


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