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Re: [HTCondor-users] Periodic Hold for jobs exceeding memory and CPU requests

Hi David,

I personally do not worry too much about core request and usage. With cgroups in use, a job trying to use more CPU than requested, it should be confined to the assigned weightened CPU time share. E.g., a job requesting 2 cores on a 48 core host should get ~4% of the overall CPU time - even when trying to sneak in a `make -j 48`


On 24/02/2021 13.31, David Cohen wrote:
I was under the, apparently wrong, impression that setting
will suffice to kill jobs running over the requested memory.
I now understand that I have to back it up by a SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD
As the system is in production I don't want to risk getting it wrong and killing innocent jobs.

While I'm at it can I also use that method to remove jobs that are using more cores than requested (cpu usage > cpu requested)?


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