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[HTCondor-users] Pegasus Users Group Meeting 2021

You are invited to PUG 2021 - February 23rd and February 25th 2021

2020 brought major improvements to Pegasus with the 5.0 release. To keep the momentum up in 2021 and ensure Pegasus is heading in the most beneficial direction for our users, we will have our first ever Pegasus Users Group Meeting (PUG 2021). You are hereby invited to attend. You can also optionally choose to speak and share your experiences of using Pegasus, and how Pegasus has benefited your scientific endeavors.

Because of the pandemic, this event will be a virtual workshop, February 23rd and February 25th 2021 (9AM-2PM Pacific each day).

PUG 2021 aims to give an opportunity to Pegasus users and collaborators to interact with Pegasus developers and share ideas and provide feedback. The users group meeting will be a mix of user experience talks along with technical Pegasus talks, tutorials, and office hours.

Draft agenda and registration details can be found at: https://pegasus.isi.edu/pug-2021/