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Re: [HTCondor-users] How to forbid job restarts

Hello Todd,

> The convention -- AFAIK -- for HTCondor configuration files is to be 644 (world-readable, owner-writable), but owned by root.

Thank you for the useful advice!

So, after 2 nights and one day of running jobs with the new version of HTCondor, my problem with jobs getting periodically restarted before they could complete seems to be resolved: the restarts do not happen anymore. In addition to installing the new version of HTCondor, I have made the following substantial changes:

 * deleted all the HTCondor log files, with the same names, as the log files of new jobs
 * stopped archiving and deleting log files of very old jobs (those that completed >6 months ago) in the same directory, as the logs of currently running jobs
 * set variable MAX_JOBS_PER_SUBMISSION to 300000 (the initial DAG, which broke my old HTCondor installation, contained >70000 nodes)

So, some subset of these changes was enough in my case to resolve the problem. Hopefully, it will help somebody with a similar problem.



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