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Re: [HTCondor-users] Claimed Slots vs runnning jobs

Are the jobs delaying startup due to something like a next_job_start_delay rule or some such? Is there a limit on the number of concurrent jobs per user?


You can see why the idle jobs aren’t running by using the command:


condor_q -better-analyze <jobid>


That’s probably the right place to start debugging.


Michael V Pelletier

Principal Engineer

Raytheon Technologies

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Hi all,


I have a cluster with 267 Slots. There are currently 98 running jobs and 93 idle jobs.

I am amazed that there are only 98 running jobs.

With condor_status I see there are 253 claimed slots and 14 unclaimed slots.

What could be the reason there are 253 claimed slots with only 98 running jobs?