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Re: [HTCondor-users] Draining in htcondor

I was a bit surprised that this change seems to be only internal - condor_config_val will return the original one (on a 8.9.11 startd).

condor_config_val usually only queries the on-disk configuration, not the in-memory configuration. Did you try

condor_config_val -startd -name <name of startd>


But on static slots the value is apparently not reset, at least not on canceling the drain.

	Sorry, which value?

A restart of the startd did it and accepting jobs on the slot when not draining might do it as well - regardless, this feels like an oversight or is there a reason for this?

You don't need to drain static slots, so I'm a little surprised the drain command did anything at all, honestly. Is the startd configured with both dynamic and static slots?

- ToddM