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[HTCondor-users] Draining in htcondor

Hi all,

I have been experimenting with condor_drain and got some questions:

First, the START expression which can be set using the -start option or startd config since about v8.9.10.

I was a bit surprised that this change seems to be only internal - condor_config_val will return the original one (on a 8.9.11 startd).

Is there a way to get the effective drain START expression using some option, in order to track what is currently accepted?

The second question is about jobs accepted while draining with custom drain START: the slots they are accepted on are marked with AcceptedWhileDraining = true.

Once all the slots that have this set to false are drained, any running jobs accepted while draining will be retired and requeued, if I understand correctly.

But on static slots the value is apparently not reset, at least not on canceling the drain.

A restart of the startd did it and accepting jobs on the slot when not draining might do it as well - regardless, this feels like an oversight or is there a reason for this?


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