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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor doesn't release the claim after shutdown with reason "User 'condor_pool' does not match the owner of this claim"

Dear all,

JobAd has the attribute ATTR_RELEASE_CLAIM and if it set the shadow must send CA_RELEASE_CLAIM command to the startd on shutdown (as I understand). It works, the shadow really sends the command to the startd, but when the startd gets this command I see the record in the log:

--- LOG ---

condor_startd[123]: Aborting CA_RELEASE_CLAIM
condor_startd[123]: User 'condor_pool' does not match the owner of this claim

--- LOG --- 

As result, the claim stays alive. ;( Could you please help, is it a working feature or not. How to configure HTCondor to enable claim releasing. Yes, I use different users for different jobs.
Please help.

Thanks in advance,