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[HTCondor-users] Java Applications failing to run under Java Universe on Windows

Hi Team,


Currently we have been running Java applications using the vanilla universe via batch scripts. I want to utilise the java universe but I am having trouble running java applications using this submit method.


I have tried both using .class and .jar executables in the submit file but get the same output. The executable is just a “Hello World” application.


This is an example submit file:


universe = java

executable = \\XXXX\XXXX\Main.class

arguments = Main

output = output.txt

error = error.txt

log = log.txt

run_as_owner = True

initial_dir = \\XXXX\XXXX

transfer_executable = True

should_transfer_files = YES

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT



Looking at the log I get the following:


022 (005.000.000) 03/01 17:48:36 Job disconnected, attempting to reconnect

    Socket between submit and execute hosts closed unexpectedly

    Trying to reconnect to slot1_1@XXXX <>


024 (005.000.000) 03/01 17:48:36 Job reconnection failed

    Job not found at execution machine

    Can not reconnect to slot1_1@XXXX, rescheduling job


Investigating the StarterLog.slot1_1 file on the machine:


03/01/21 17:48:36 (pid:6292) About to exec C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\java -classpath C:\condor\bin;C:\condor\bin/scimark2lib.jar;. -Dchirp.config=C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\chirp.config CondorJavaWrapper C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\jvm.start C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\jvm.end Main

03/01/21 17:48:36 (pid:6292) Create_Process(): Failed to extract the extension from file C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\java.

03/01/21 17:48:36 (pid:6292) ERROR: C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\java.exe is not a valid Windows executable

03/01/21 17:48:36 (pid:6292) Create_Process(C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\java, -classpath C:\condor\bin;C:\condor\bin/scimark2lib.jar;. -Dchirp.config=C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\chirp.config CondorJavaWrapper C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\jvm.start C:\condor\execute\dir_6292\jvm.end Main, ...) failed:

03/01/21 17:48:36 (pid:6292) Failed to start job, exiting

03/01/21 17:48:36 (pid:6292) ShutdownFast all jobs.


So it is saying that java.exe is not a valid Windows executable but if I run condor_starter –classad I get the following regarding Java:


JavaVendor = "Oracle Corporation"

JavaVersion = "1.8.0_191"

JavaSpecificationVersion = "1.8"

JavaMFlops = 2598.547363

HasJava = True


I’m kind of out of ideas why it is failing. Any guidance would be appreciated.





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