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[HTCondor-users] Recent Docker package update will break HTCondor Docker Universe support

The most recent Docker Community Edition (docker-ce) update, version 20.10.4, introduces serious bugs that will break Docker Universe in HTCondor on many platforms, including Ubuntu and CentOS. Docker CE version 20.10.3 does not have these bugs.

The HTCondor team strongly recommends that administrators version lock Docker to 20.10.3 on their systems until these bugs are resolved.

The symptom of the problem is that Docker Universe jobs will start from the HTCondor perspective, but not from the Docker perspective, and will not make progress, and hang in the 'R' state indefinitely. condor_ssh_to_job will report that the container is not started. There is no workaround in HTCondor for these problems.

The HTCondor team will continue to monitor the issue and will email updates as they are available.

Thank you,