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[HTCondor-users] Docker Community Edition 20.10.5 fixes bug introduced in 20.10.4 that broke Docker Universe


We are pleased to note that the Docker community edition maintainers have quickly released Docker Community Edition 20.10.5. This fixes the problem introduced in 20.10.4 that broke HTCondor's Docker Universe. We strongly recommend that sites using docker skip version 20.10.4, and either upgrade to 20.10.5, or stay on 20.10.3 or earlier versions.

If you have systems running with 20.10.4, and you do have stuck Docker Universe jobs, condor_vacate_job (job id) will eventually remove the job from the system in question, mark the job as idle, and make it eligible for restarting. This process may take 20 minutes or more, depending on various times-out in the system.

Thank you,