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Re: [HTCondor-users] restarting / reloading / re-config

On 3/19/21 11:05 AM, Jeff Templon wrote:
Hi Folks,

Weâre bringing HTCondor under our config mgt system. We have the following question about how to deal with a changed config. In the past, on non-HTCondor machines we usually restart the daemon. We have seen that restarting daemons on HTCondor generally results in a restart of jobs (unfortunate, this is [ use your best Yoda accent here ]). condor_reconfig works, but does a reload work as well?

Under the hood, a reconfig on the local machine is the same as sending a SIGHUP to the master. Note there are a handful of config changes that require a restart. Probably the most common is changing the number of resources or slots on a worker node.