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Re: [HTCondor-users] question about accounting groups

Hi Stefano and Michael and all,

Thanks for your answers. This helps.

I would still like verification from the HTCondor team on this point:

On 29 Apr 2021, at 15:56, Stefano Dal Pra wrote:

Yes, correct. for (every following wrong assumption is of my own only) scalability and robustness reasons the CM is not aware of several "gory details",
like the complete set of job classads for every job in the whole pool (or cluster, as I used to say back in the LSF days).

So I donât care about the complete set of job classads. Maybe this is due to my ignorance. What I do care about is that I have some repository in a single place that tells me âwho did what when for how longâ. This gives me two things:

So is it true that these things cannot be gleaned from the Central Manager machine alone?


When I logged into our Central Manager and ran âcondor_historyâ there was no result.