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[HTCondor-users] Job not starting correctly



We are running a commercial CFD-code via htcondor. Been doing it for years without any issued. I installed a new version of that software and want to run it via htcondor as per usual. I to this by telling condor to run a locally installed bash-script on the execute node which in turn starts the CFD-solver. I have to do it this to source some files need by the solver to start (license etc).


However, the new version is refusing to start. From the the StarterLog.slotX I see the job immediately stops with


05/03/21 23:56:33 (pid:4135578) Create_Process succeeded, pid=4135579

05/03/21 23:56:33 (pid:4135578) Process exited, pid=4135579, status=139

05/03/21 23:56:33 (pid:4135578) Got SIGQUIT.  Performing fast shutdown.


If I ssh in to one of the execute nodes I can start it just and it runs as normal.


If I do condor_submit -interactive my_submit_file, I am able to run the script with ./runscript just fine.


The why won’t it start when I submit the file normally??