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Re: [HTCondor-users] Negotiation submitters sort order

Hi David,

you can probably weight the sort order with the current usage `GroupResourcesInUse` - maybe something like [1] . But I do not know, if something like that could be realized on the user level.


GROUP_SORT_EXPR = ifThenElse(AccountingGroup=?="<none>", 3.4e+38, \
    ifThenElse(GroupQuota > 0.0 ,1+GroupResourcesInUse/GroupQuota,5.0),  \
      ifThenElse(GroupQuota > 0.0, GroupResourcesInUse/GroupQuota,\

On 11/05/2021 14.15, duduhandelman@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all,
All of my users have the same EUP, so the sorting order is actually always the same order. The problem is more complicated when using concurrency limit, the first user on the list will get most resources.

Is there any configuration for that?

Many thanks

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