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[HTCondor-users] RemoteWallClockTime broken down per run?

Hi all,

is there a job class ad like RemoteWallClockTime (or CommittedTime),
that is broken down per individual runs?

Background is, that I would like to calculate power usage statistics for
our users' jobs.
Thus, we add a few benchmark values as additional machine ads. After
injecting these machine ads via a transform into the jobs, I can in
principle calculate my stats with these [2].
However, unfortunately not all our users' jobs are single job runs. So,
I would need to sum over all run iterations of a job - which might have
run on different nodes with different benchmark values.
But AFAIS `RemoteWallClockTime` is the total wall time over all job runs
- where I would need the wall times broken down per run [3]

Is there a job ad, that describes the wall time per run - or am I
probably overthinking? ð


JobMachineAttrs = "HS06PerSlot HS06perWatt..."

> condor_history 151. -af "RemoteWallClockTime/60.0/60.0 * RequestCpus *
MachineAttrHS06PerSlot0 / MachineAttrHS06perWatt0"

  RemoteWallClockTime0 * ... / MachineAttrHS06perWatt0
  RemoteWallClockTime1 * ... / MachineAttrHS06perWatt1

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