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[HTCondor-users] Time zones for Crondor?

Hi folks,


I have my systems set to use UTC time so that there’s no DST adjustments needed for the system logs, thus avoiding double 2:30am log records in the springtime. The users have their TZ variable set so they see the local time zone. However, this means that the cron_hour/CronHour is interpreted in the UTC time zone, so if they submit something to 6:00am, it shows up as either 1:00am or 2:00am depending on the time of year.


I’d like to see if there’s a way to handle this such that the DeferralTime calculation uses a specified time zone for the submitter, rather than the CM’s system time zone. I’m thinking maybe a ClassAd _expression_ could be used to set the CronHour based on the desired time zone… not sure yet.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is there maybe an undocumented CronTimezone attribute? Maybe I can do something with absTime?




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