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Re: [HTCondor-users] Can we backup Central Manager's database and states?

1. Does CM keep a database to store it's job queue to make it persistent?

The central manager doesn't maintain a job queue; that's the responsibility of the access point (submit node). The central manager has only "soft state" unless you turn on specific features ("offline" or "absent" ads, mostly), meaning that it will automatically regenerate all of its state after a few minutes of normal operation. You should be able to replace one central manager with a new one (at the same address) with little to no loss of service.

That's all totally different for an access point (submit node), of course. IIRC, the only hard state that HTCondor keeps is in the directory pointed at by the SPOOL configuration knob. Of course, jobs in the queue will almost always point at files on the local disk, so restoring just the queue won't be particularly helpful.

- ToddM