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Re: [HTCondor-users] Can we backup Central Manager's database and states?

The HTCondor central manager does not have a database,  The job queue does not reside there, it resides with the condor_schedd process, which we call the Access Point.   A HTCondor pool can have many Access Points and each will have their own job queue.  

You can find the file that holds the job queue by running

condor_config_val SPOOL JOB_QUEUE_LOG

on each Access Point to find the location of the local SPOOL directory and
the explicit location of the transaction log for the job queue (JOB_QUEUE_LOG).   If the configuration for JOB_QUEUE_LOG is not set, then the job queue log will be in the SPOOL directory. it is the file named

You will want to back up the entire SPOOL directory to save the jobs and their associated temporary files.  you should do this while the condor_schedd process is not running.

To save the jobs, but not the files associated, you can back up just the job_queue.log file. 


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I'm planning to use Docker containers to host a Central Manager (CM) service and I have some questions:

1. Does CM keep a database to store it's job queue to make it persistent?
2. If yes, what folders and files should I save to backup CM's database and states?

Thanks in advance!