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Re: [HTCondor-users] History file rotation - reading from backups

Are you able to adjust the history rotation configuration on these schedds? You can set the rotation trigger based on size or time, and the number of rotated files. condor_history (whether remote or local) should look through all of the rotated files automatically. If your remote condor_history queries arenât reading all of the rotated files, that sounds like a bug we should investigate.

 - Jaime

On Nov 17, 2021, at 12:48 PM, Jonathan Martin <JMartin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Iâm building a data archiving system to warehouse historical job data and machine metrics, through various commands like condor_history and condor_status.
One issue Iâm facing is job history file rotation on remote condor schedds â by default, history files are rotated into backup files once they hit 20 MB. The system Iâm building is polling all schedds in the pool with a condor_history command every few minutes, but some jobs will slip through the cracks (history file gets rotated since last poll). Additionally, Iâm unable to retrieve the names of the backup files since the HTCondor folder on each schedd is not exposed via a network share.
Curious if there are any built-in config options that can help address this, without turning off rotation. Examples:
-          Overlap the last N jobs in the backup file and the new history file
-          Have condor_history additionally read through successive backup files until HISTORY_HELPER_MAX_HISTORY is hit (or reach end of all files)
Jon M

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