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Re: [HTCondor-users] Issues regarding use of NVIDIA MIGs with HTCondor

For (4), I'll defer to the GPU experts on the list.

(4) is a known problem. We've been working on higher-priority improvements to our GPU support, much of which will appear in the upcoming 9.8.0 release.

For work-arounds, if the MIG GPU(s) are the only ones on the system, it's fairly easy for the start to enforce that only one GPU is given to each job (START = $(START) && RequestGPUs <= 1). It becomes much more complicated if you have non-MIG GPUs mixed in (you have to isolate the MIG GPUs to their own partitionable slot).

With 9.8.0, you should also be able to have the multi-GPU-requesting jobs specify that they require non-MIG GPUs, although the required expressions may be clumsy.

- ToddM