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Re: [HTCondor-users] DAGMan Errors

Hi Marco,

Thanks for pointingÂthis out.

I did not get a syntax error. I tried what you suggested and got an error message: _CONDOR_DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT=False: Command not found. from the command line.

after submitting:Â_CONDOR_DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT=False condor_submit_dag -f Schwinger_Wilson_MPS.dag in the command line.

I also tried adding to .dag the line CONFIG dagman.config and in this dagman.config file I have the line DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT = False. This also failed to switch this configuration to False.

Am I still missing something?

Do you also have an idea about the second error I am seeing about preauthentication failure?



On Mon, Apr 25, 2022 at 12:20 PM Marco van Zwetselaar <zwets@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Takis,

On 24/04/2022 23:07, Takis Angelides wrote:
> I am trying to use DAGMan for submission of many interdependent jobs
> and among some errors there is:
> ERROR: To use an inline job description for node N20x1.0mg0.05D10,
> DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT must be set to False. Aborting.
> whereas the first line in my .dag file is

DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT is a configuration variable, not a job
variable. You could set it through the environment, or see [1]:

ÂÂÂÂ _CONDOR_DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT=False condor_submit_dag ...

BTW, didn't get a syntax error when putting 'DAGMAN_USE_CONDOR_SUBMIT =
False' at the top of your DAG?



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