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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_submit output and error file permissions

>ÂAfter some testing, it appears that this behavior is applied to the output and error files for scheduler universe jobs.

That's actually very helpful. I hadn't considered that this could be relatedÂto a change to the scheduler universe as I hadn't seen anything in the documentation about a change like that.

>ÂSince DAGMan runs the DAG job that subsequently runs your jobs in scheduler universe, the (*.lib.err) & (*.lib.out) files are being set to (-rw-------). At the moment, I don't know when this change occurred.

It would be nice to know when this change occurred and how to implement the old behavior.

>ÂSince you are running DAGMan, a work around you can do is make a simple script that finds those files and changes the permissions to what you need and then add it as a prescript to one of your jobs (preferably the first one). That way DAGMan will automatically change the permissions for you each run.

Thanks for the idea. I will look into implementing that.