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Re: [HTCondor-users] File transfer plugins & stdout/err

In the case of a relative path, say with `output = output/out.txt` Iâd expect to try f"{url}/output/out.txt" and fail if the dir doesnât exist. With absolute paths I donât know if thereâs a good answer. I think Iâd be tempted to say it should either try f"{url}/{full_path}â or just fail at submit.

OK. It sounds like f"{output_destination}/{output}" would be consistent and at least reasonable in cases, so I'll probably just go for that; thanks for the explanation and thoughts.

BTW, whilst weâre on slightly weird things that happen with output_destination, if I do a condor_submit -spool, then you get the same behaviour with stdout/err, but also when you try condor_transfer_data, it tries to use the plugin on the schedd to post the UserLog to output_destination too.

	Huh.  I'll make a note of this.

On a similar note is there a reason why executable canât be URL ?

	Not that I can think of off-hand.

- ToddM