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[HTCondor-users] postCMD-like exit wrapper with access to job environment/ads?

Hi all,

has somebody maybe an idea or recipe on a admin script, that is run
after each jobs payload exit?
AFAIS, postCMD is realized in its own  environmant and does not has
necessarily access to the actual job's environments and ads/attributes?

Alternatively a post-cmd-like job wrapper extension might be difficult.
AFAIS such a post-job cmd would have to be forked from the wrapper
(before the wrapper starts the actual payload and detaches/exits) and
would have to monitor/run in parallel to the payloads startd/process
until the end, or?

Background is, that we would like to wrap-up each job with a small
accounting script, that collects basic job metrics and forward these to
a local accounting DB (Kafka, ES,...).


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