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[HTCondor-users] Configuring a default scheduler address

Hi, this is related to my previous thread about setting up File System Remote authentication, as it is part of my goal of using a single scheduler for the whole cluster, but I decided to ask separately as it is a separate question.

I want to achieve the following behaviour: all jobs submitted through "condor_submit" from any machine in my cluster should be sent to the same scheduler in a set machine. Similarly, when using "condor_q" this scheduler should be queried. Usually this is achieved using the "-name" option in both cases and specifying the address there, but I want to make it transparent to users so they do not have to type it out every time or remember to include this in their scripts.

My first idea was using an alias so that "condor_submit" maps to "condor_submit -name <address>", but this is not viable since this does not affect scripts by default. Then I wondered if there is some configuration variable for using a remote scheduler instead of the local one by default, but looking at the code for "condor_submit", I don't see anything like that (granted, I do not have any previous experience with the HTCondor source and I may be missing something).

Is this functionality already implemented? If not, would the maintainers be willing to accept a patch implementing something like this?

I guess that my best bet for now is substituting the "condor_submit" executable manually by a script that adds the option, but it would be overwritten by any updates and it is not ideal.

Javier Barbero