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[HTCondor-users] Windows credd, pool password, run_as_owner

Hi All

I have put in the necessary configuration items on our windows submit nodes and windows execute nodes
to allow users to "run_as_owner".

This has been tested, is about to go into production, and works as expected.

That is, no "net use" statements are needed in the job batch files, and users can still access their fileservers.
We are using "pool password" authentication.

All users first need to run the "condor_store_cred add" command so that their credentials are saved on
the credd server. All good so far.

Most of our users just use cmd line stuff for submitting files and this works fine.

The issue if for a particular group that use a GUI app. This sets up monte-carlo simulations and back-ends
the jobs to their HTCondor submit nodes. This backend communicates with the submit nodes via a simple
"remotequeue" service (RUNNING under the "local system account") that runs on these submit nodes.

This service listens on a particular port and responds to a few simple plain text requests:
status dummy dummy - return number of running and queuing jobs on the submit node
storecred username password - run condor_store_cred to update user credentials on the submit node
passwdcheck username password - check whether username/password combo corresponds to a valid account
queue username password - call 'remotequeue' program on the service to manage various tasks

So users run this GUI software on their own machines and it send jobs to the submit node. They have no
direct interaction with the submit node itself.

What happens on the credd server when they now try to store their credentials is:

"There are a number of successful AUTHENTICATE and PERMISSON GRANTED lines first which I haven't listed"

02/23/22 15:28:27 (fd:4) (pid:1708) (D_COMMAND) Calling HandleReq <store_cred_handler> (0) for command 479 (STORE_CRED) from CONDOR-SUB-ENT4$@nexus <aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:54406>
02/23/22 15:28:27 (fd:4) (pid:1708) (D_ALWAYS) WARNING: store_cred() for user hit023@nexus attempted by user CONDOR-SUB-ENT4$, rejecting

If that same user logs directly into the submit machine and in a cmd prompt uses the "condor_store_cred add"
command then that runs fine.

I'm a bit stuck on why this is happening, and how to make it work, or work around it.

Thanks for any help/advice/comments.