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Re: [HTCondor-users] is it Condor honoring /etc/security/limits.conf ?

On 2/19/22 09:20, Gianmauro Cuccuru wrote:

For jobs. I am trying to set a limit on the files size created by jobs and also set a different nice value for them.

If you are running HTCondor starting from init/systemd as root, by default it will use cgroups to limit the amount of cpu used by processes in various job. Otherwise, there is a setting, JOB_RENICE_INCREMENT which can set the nice'ness of processes in a job on a worker node.

We don't have a way to set the per-file limits, but if you are more interested in limiting the total size of all the files a given job creates,

HTCondor can prevent a job from using more total disk space than requested, see this link for details: