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Re: [HTCondor-users] Docker "host" networking or port publishing in v8.8.15 HTCondor submission?

On 3/1/2022 10:49 AM, Michael Pelletier via HTCondor-users wrote:

Hi all,


Iâm unfortunately stuck on version 8.8.15, and I donât see anything about how to change the default networking setting. The v9 has docker_network_type in condor_submit, but thereâs no mention of that capability in the 8.8 docs.


Is there an undocumented feature, perhaps, or some other way in the config or elsewhere to slip docker-run command line options like âpublish-all into the starterâs launcher?


Hi Michael,

A quick thought on the above:

If you are truly stuck on HTCondor v8.8, one idea is you could set the DOCKER config knob (which normally default to /usr/bin/docker) to point to your own wrapper script around the docker command-line binary.  HTCondor v8.8. will invoke the binary specified in this knob... your script could massage the command-line args however you wish and then finish your script with something like:
     exec /usr/bin/docker "$@"

Not as nice as what can be done in HTCondor v9.x, but if your stuck you are stuck...