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Re: [HTCondor-users] Updating Job ClassAd during job run

Hi Matthew,

does your update need to take place within the job/payloads context or
would it be sufficient to run afterwards?

In principle, there are the pre/postCmd commands, that are run
before/after the actual job [1]
  +PostCmd = '/absolute/path/or/./jobs/home'

However, since these commands live in their own environment, you would
need to chirp them first before updating.
Probably one could parse the jobs'
${IWD}/{.job.ad,.update.ad,.machine.ad} files for the job/machine ads.
But since the ad values are probably the initial ones, it might be
better to get the current values via condor_chirp.



JOB_TRANSFORM_JobStats @=end
# copy_orgPostCmd = "PostCmd"
set_PostCmd = "/cvmfs/some.repo/.../usr/local/bin/postwrapper.sh";


On 04/03/2022 23.10, Matthew Ens wrote:
> Unfortunately I don't think any of these options will work for us as we
> operate our HTCondor for the WLCG and get jobs from several different
> places we cannot update the job submit file. Also, reading about option
> (3) there might be some misunderstanding, we want to run a script in
> the job wrapper and use the output of the script to update the job
> classad, reading the documentation on SYSTEM_JOB_MACHINE_ATTRS it seems
> like the value is set when the schedd initiates the start up of the job
> but our script will be running after the job starts. Is there any way
> to have the job classad update during or at the end of the job's run?
> Thanks for the help,
> Matthew

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