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Re: [HTCondor-users] strange label for platform

Hi Todd,

On 3/17/22 19:34, Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
On 3/17/2022 9:31 AM, Gianmauro Cuccuru wrote:
We have some nodes using Rocky Linux 8.5 and condor_status shows a strange label for them in the platform column
Is it expected?

vgcnbwc-worker-fetch-7724.novalocalÂÂÂÂÂÂ x64/CentOS8
vgcnbwc-worker-gpu-temp-6261.novalocalÂÂÂ x64/LINUX0
vgcnbwc-worker-gpu-temp-6262.novalocalÂÂÂ x64/LINUX0
vgcnbwc-worker-interactive-5226.novalocal x64/CentOS8

$CondorVersion: 8.8.15 Jul 29 2021 BuildID: 552034 PackageID: 8.8.15-1 $
$CondorPlatform: x86_64_CentOS8 $

Hi Gianmauro,

Support for detection of Rocky Linux was first added in the HTCondor v9.x feature series (starting with v9.4.0 iirc).

So yes, I would expect that HTCondor v8.8.x is unable to explicitly recognize Rocky.

At this point, the HTCondor v8.8.x series is only receiving security patches (and only for another couple months).

Got it.
Thanks for your reply.


Gianmauro Cuccuru

Bioinformatics Group
Department of Computer Science
Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
Georges-KÃhler-Allee 106
79110 Freiburg, Germany