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[HTCondor-users] regexp in if clauses and Group* information availability

Hi all,

I am currently refactoring our grid cluster's accounting & GROUP_SORT
code and just stumbled over two things.

Apparently, a regexp() expression cannot be used in a transform's
if-clause directly, or? I tried to use the function like in [1] but run
into an error

 > (1370.0) job_transforms: ERROR applying transform DESYAccounting
(err=-3,rval=-1,msg=regexp("\/cms\/Role=lcgadmin",x509UserProxyFQAN ? :
"") is not a valid if condition)

I guess that the expression would have to be stored first in an ad, or?
(btw: how can I actually use a boolean as a case condition? `if boolad`
or `if eval(boolad)` seem not to work)

The other thing is, that I tried to prepare the GROUP_SORT ranking
already in the job transformation, but the evaluation of the Group*
details returns an error.
The current usage ads like `GroupResourcesInUse` or `GroupQuota` make
probably no sense in a transformation, as they exists only during the
matching cycle, or?



JOB_TRANSFORM_AcctTuning @=end


if regexp("\/cms\/Role=lcgadmin",x509UserProxyFQAN ? : "")
  SET DESYAcctGroup = "group_OPS"
  SET GROUPFOO = eval(GroupResourcesInUse/GroupQuota + 3.0)



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